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Laser hair removal involves projecting a beam of light onto the hair follicle to burn and destroy it. The light must contain melanin so that the light is converted into heat. At Clinique Skins we have chosen the laser Cynosure Elite + for our permanent hair removal treatments.

Cynosure Elite +

  • Currently, the Cynosure Elite + laser is the most versatile and efficient system on the market. Thanks to its double wavelength (Alexandrite 755 nm and Nd:YAG 1064 nm) it is now possible to treat all phototypes, from type I to type VI, in complete safety and with optimal efficiency.

    It is important to know that depending on your skin type (light to dark), the laser used will differ. Thanks to the Elite +, the specialized technician has the possibility to choose the optimal wavelength according to your phototype, hair type and tanning, all using a single device.

Hair removal Laser vs. pulsed light

People often tend to confuse pulsed light technology with laser technology. Pulsed light technology, otherwise known as IPL, uses light to prevent hair growth. Laser technology uses a high-powered beam to destroy the root.


Before each start of treatment, a consultation (free of charge) is necessary to define a treatment plan with the client. Namely: which areas are to be treated, how many sessions are necessary to remove hair from the desired area, which laser to use.


At Clinique Skins, our technical specialists will initially proceed to a free consultation in order to evaluate your needs.