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Alex Perron

‘’ I sincerely believe in finding YOUR own balance in life. His balance in sport, food, work, emotions, family, friends ... taking care of my appearance is also part of my balance and this balance, I find it at Skins Clinique. For me ... just for me! ”

Photo credit: Alexis GR


Luce Dufault

”Already very young, I hid to play in my mother's cream pots! I always liked the textures, the smells, the scents and this beauty ritual. At Clinique Skins for me it's pure happiness! ! Products that I love, care and extraordinary staff! Thank you Nelson for your trust. ”

Marie-Eve Janvier

"Since I was very young, I have always had to take care of my sensitive and fragile skin. With the right care from Clinique Skins, I feel more confident than ever! The whole team is so kind; every time we visit, we always feel at home!"


Jean-François Breau

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Jenna Shapiro

"The service is warm, personalized and I learned a lot about my skin and its needs. Thanks to Clinique Skin's expertise, I've discovered incredible products and my skin has never looked brighter."


Angela Price

"I always have skin problems with the change of season, so I always make sure I go to Clinique Skins to help my skin make the transition. I always leave with my skin in great shape".